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Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair

Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair

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A chair that will be the focal point and conversation of your patio. Crafted from reclaimed bourbon barrels, each chair has it's own unique character and look.

With the hand crafted process comes slight variations in each finished chair. There will be variations in stave sizes used and the patterns in the deep staining of the wood. The staves have been lightly sanded to remove dirt and rust, then finished with spar urethane. Covers will also be included to extend the finish of your chairs. When it comes time to refinish, light sanding is all that is required before applying urethane. Local pick up is preferred, but if shipping is necessary, limited assembly will be required. Without limited assembly, shipping these chairs due to their size and weight would cost upwards of $300.

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