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Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel Stave Shelf

Bourbon/Whiskey Barrel Stave Shelf

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In looking for a unique way to display my bourbon collection, I wasn't able to find anything that suited my taste, so I built one. Using reclaimed bourbon barrels from local breweries, each shelf has it's own character and feel, and is sealed with polyurethane. This shelf will make a great gift for the bourbon or craft beer fan. A standard shelf measures 30 inches in width (as pictured), but can be customized for your space. Other shelves like this now exist on Etsy, but this one is set apart by looks and construction. Thick dimensional hardwood is used for the construction of the shelf and side supports. The self is then finished with screws that are concealed with white oak plugs cut from barrel staves in my shop. With the functionality and looks, I have had many returning customers, which is best compliment a shop owner can receive! the shelves are 4” deep on the sides and 5-5.5” in the middle due to the curvature of the bourbon stave.

Height: 8 Inches
Width: 30 Inches
Depth: 5.5 Inches
24" Shelf-Holds 5-6 Bottles
30" Shelf-Holds 6-8 Bottles

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